Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sony 16-105mm f3.5-5.6

How about this high-end SONY kit lens?
Well, I just purchased one for my coming holiday trip to Perth, Australia. I received the lens 2 days ago, and initial testing on this lens showed very positive results.
Sharpness: ****1/2
Color: ****1/2
Bokeh: ****

For the price you paid for the lens, you will not be disappointed.

This lens can gives a very nice bokeh at 105mm range. Something that I can't get from the CZ 16-80mm lens. It's very useful for close up shots.

Updates on 13 July 08:
Sold this lens to another Alpha-mount user. This lens is highly recommended for APS-Sensor DSLR.
You can view photos captured with this lens in my Australia gallery in Flickr - My Collection from Australia.

Reason for selling: Positioning for FF DSLR - heard that there is a new SONY 24-105mm f4 G SSM lens. :)


Allen said...


I got the Minolta 28-105 the other day.

GREAT lens too hey!

Eyesthruthelens said...

Is it 24-105mm lens or 28-105mm?
I have the 24-105mm lens as well and it's a nice lens.
Very portable and works well on A900.