Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, what can I comment about this phone except that it's the best gadget on market today.
If you have a chance to buy just one electronics device in a year, make sure iPhone is in the list :)
It's that good.. and fun to use.
A phone, MP3 player, photo storage, Video player.. a camera with direct link to Flickr upload, Map, email reader and VOIP.. in such a small and beautiful phone.

Initially I was a bit disappointed that iPhone is not able to sync with PC thru bluetooth. After using the phone for a month, the iPhone itself is the PC. You do not need PC anymore.. everthing is on the phone itself.. uploading photos, reading emails, calender. What you need is just wi-fi access.

There are news that iPhone 2 is launching in June 2008 with 3G, with solar panel battery charger.
Can't really think of any reason for not buying the phone anymore.

Here are my pick for recommended iPhone applications:
1. Fring - MSN and VOIP
2. Converter - currency conversion and others
3. TuneWiki - MP3 player with Lyrics
4. iFlcikr - real time upload to Flickr thru Wi-fi
5. Wallpaper - you can select cool wallpaper from internet
6. StreetFlow - Map with info sharing from members
7. Funambol - Internet Sync contacts
8. NemusSync - Internet Sync Google Calender
9. System application - Categories, Customize, itoday, ringtone and others..

Use the new biteSMS for SMSing.. it's faster and able to support forwarding.

Waiting for more news on iPhone 2.

Updates on 17th June 2008:

iPhone 3G announced by Apple on 9th June 2008. The big news is that it's 3G with GPS inbuild.. and cost half the price of current iPhone.
By end of this year, iPhone should be all over the world.

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