Monday, June 16, 2008

Minolta 28-70mm f2.8 G

Production period - 1993
Full Frame lens, non-D
F-stop - 2.8 - 22
Focal Length - 28-70 mm

Min Focus Distance - 850 mm
Aperture blade - 7
No filter rotation during zoom or focusing
Length (min/max) - 114.5mm / 114.5mm

Filter size - 72
Weight - 850 g

This is a classic Minolta lens. Construction is definitely top quality. Just by looking at the lens itself, it's already justified the high price you paid for the lens.. :)
The lens will not extend the length from 28 to 70mm range - internal focusing, Link
I managed to get a copy of this lens in a very good condition (look at the photos below)

The strength of this lens.. it's the bokeh and the ability to create the 3D effect on photo.
I can't really explain about the 3D effect, it's very much like the film effect and you can feel the distance between objects on the photo. It's amazing and so far, no other lens can create such 3D
(I'll try to post a photo below)

According to some reports, this zoom lens has the double aperture blades (the same one on the famous Minolta 135mm STF lens - for the great bokeh effect). Maybe that explains the nice bokeh from the lens.
I did a test between this zoom lens and the Minolta 35mm f1.4 G. Click on this link to view the results.
(can't wait to test the lens on SONY FF DSLR)

Sharpness is acceptable, even from f2.8 but it gets better at f4 to f8. Not the type of sharpness as CZ 24-70mm f2.8.
A simple test between this zoom lens and the Minolta 28mm f2.0 - link.

Will I replace this lens with CZ 24-70mm f2.8?
For now, a definite answer - NO.

I'm not really into sharpness as I believe all G lenses are sharp. If you need "CZ" sharpness, pump up the contrast.
It's the bokeh and the ability to retain details that makes a good lens. This G zoom lens is giving such results.
It could be the best zoom lens (24-80mm range) for Bokeh.

So, far now, I'm keeping this great lens.

Some photos from this lens:

View On Black
I captured this photo early in the morning when it's still quiet and the water is calm.
Camera: Konica Minolta 5D

View On Black
I captured this photo during the yearly Canon Photo Marathon event in year 2007.
Camera: Sony A700

View On Black
A night shot on the new Singapore Flyer.

Model shoot with Alphdslr group ( This is one of the shot that I like.


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