Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Selling Flash iBounce cards - cBounce set

Decided to try selling these flash bounce cards (iBounce) for all DSLR camera models - Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and others.

Lots of questions were posted to me asking if these cards actually work.
. and my answer is definitely "YES".
1. It works.. as good as any other more expensive bounce cards. (O
n top of that, it's slightly curve and this helps on the light reflection)
2. It's durable - made from PVC. Can be easily clean and water proof. It'll last.
3. Easily store in your camera bags. You will always able to have a
bounce card with you whenever you need them. (not like those big / chunky flash bounce with fixed shape)
4. Can fit on all flash models in the market (Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax +
others - just in case, you decided to switch systems :)
5. Selling at an affordable price.

So, how much is "affordable"??

cBounce set

Selling price - US$10.00/set and mailing cost - US$2.00 for a set. Total cost: US$12.00.
If you are buying > 1 sets, please ask for the total mailing cost.
Payment - by paypal

Ordering information
1. Email (click on "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE") the quantity you are buying and provide me your mailing address.
2. I'll update you the email for PayPal payment.
3. After receiving the payment, the cards will be mailed to your address.

4 sizes in a set:

For the 2 smaller cards, you can install at the side of the flash so that it helps when you are taking vertical shots.

Some sample shots with the cBounce flash cards

#1-flash up-right position (without iBounce cards) / #2-Direct Flash / #3-with iBounce

Users are welcome to provide feedback and comments.

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