Monday, June 16, 2008

Minolta 135mm f2.8

Production period - 1985
Full Frame lens, non-D

F-stop - 2.8 - 32

Min Focus Distance - 1m

Aperture blade - 7

No filter rotation during zoom or focusing

Length (min/max) - 83mm / 83mm

Filter size - 55

Weight - 365 g

This is one of my very first prime lens from Minolta that I purchased (I was using Konica Minolta 5D DSLR camera)
At that time, the A-mount lenses were not that expensive and I got it at a very attractive price. :)

As you can see, this is a very small lens with f-stop 2.8. The lens's hood is integrated. Just need to push it out to function. Can you imagine a 135mm f2.8 FF lens in this size (83mm) and only weight 365g.
(That is why I like these old Minolta lenses.) - I got a 100mm f2.0 that is smaller than this lens. Look at the photo below.

Left - 100mm f2.0 lens and right, the 135mm f2.8.

Why I'm still keeping this lens:
Recommended as a good portrait lens at f2.8.
I like this lens for its size and the great sharpness and bokeh. The integrated hood is an unique feature on the lens as well.
If you can find oneat the range of less than US$400 and good condition, you should buy one.

Some photos from this lens:

View On Black
I captured this photo during the Disney on Ice show in Singapore Indoor Stadium. I like this photo for the "painting" effect and the exposure + color. No post processing done one the photo - dirct jpeg from SONY A700 camera at iso 1250, f-stop 3.5.

I captured this photo on film. This lens seems to perform better on film. Look at those beautiful bokeh and the great sharpness..

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Stephen said...

I bought one of these 135mm lenses on Ebay around 2 months ago. It is perhaps a little long on APS-C lenses for some people's taste, hence much cheaper prices than 100mm.

I love how sharp it is, the colours and physical size. It has the best Bokeh from all my lenses.

I can only recommend it. And if 135mm is a bit too long for you, then just step back =o)