Thursday, July 10, 2008

Western Australia.. self drive, 8 days holiday

Well, I went to Australia, Western Australia in early June 2008 for a short 8 days holiday with my family.
Overall, it was a good break from my work an
d I had a good time with my kids and wife.

Just thought of sharing my trip itinerary here..

Day 1 - flight from Singapore to Perth

Day 2 - Visit to Pinnacles. The drive from Perth to Pinnacle is about 3.5 hrs.. so, if you are driving there and back, it will be a 7 hours drive for a day. It's pretty long and tiring.. but since it's the first day, full of energy.. I survived :)
From Perth, take the Graham Farmer Fwy.. and tu
rn to great Eastern Hwy. Follow the Hwy until you reach Great Northern Hwy.. and continue to go north... and turn left to brand Hwy. (Check google map).. continue to go north until you need to turn left to nambung national park. You will see a EMU wind-farm after you make the turn to nambung national park.

After the visit to Pinnacles, you can stop by at Cervantes for a good fish and chip lunch.
After that, it's another 3.5 hours drive back to Perth.

Day 3 - Visit to Bursellton Jetty
You need to drive towards south and from Perth, follow the Kw
inana Fwy. Drive towards Mandurah.. It's a pretty slow drive as you are driving across small towns with slow speed limit.. until you reach Bunbury. You can have you lunch at Bunbury and if you ever thought of visiting the dolphin center.. you can skip that. It's nothing to see at the center.
Continue to drive all the way to Busselton Jetty.. If
you are lucky, you should go for the underwater observatory. Walk to the end of the Jetty.. that will occupy you for at least 2-3 hours. Enjoy the sun and the beautiful blue sky.
From Busselton, drive to Margaret river and check in this motel.. Vintages Margaret:

Day 4
- Visit to the caves around Margaret river. From the 3 caves, we only visited one.. the Lake cave. It's a nice cave and we have a good time there. It has a small lake ins
ide the cave and it's beautiful. From Margaret river, just drive to the caves road and you will never miss the cave.

From the cave, we drove south to Augusta and visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. At Augusta, there is a nice cafe.. Bakery & Cafe.. we had our lunch there. When we reached the lighthouse, the sky was "super duper" blue.. and again, we had a nice evening there.

Rememeber to walk all the way to the lighthouse and look out the sea where the 2 ocean meets.

From Augusta, we drove all the way to Pemberton and spend a night there - at the one and only hotel along the main road at Pemberton.

Day 5 - From Pemberton, we went to the Gloucester tree, sort of to climb the tree. When I reached the location, I was a bit disappointed. The tree doesn't seem to be as tall or huge as I have imagined - based on those photos that I've seen. Anyway, when I'm back in Singapore and look at the photos, it does look bigger on the photo.

From there we moved on to the next stop Beedelup fall (you can skip this if you do not have time) Nothing spectacular there.
We continue to drive south to the Valley of the Giant, the tree top walk at Walpole. We had a good time there and these bridges are really high up on the tree top. It swings from left to right when the wind blows.. You got a good view from the top and if you are afraid of height, this is a good place for you to explore.

The last stop is at Albany, the GAP and the NATURAL BRIDGE. We reached there at 6pm and it's almost dark. Managed to experience the strong waves at the GAP.. it splashed up from the GAP. (lucky.. for us) and a beautiful sun set from the Natural Bridge.

If I have time, I'll visit the windfarm at Albany (we skipped this one as it's already dark when we left the GAP)
Stayed at Albany.

Day 6 - I woke up early and went for a
short walk around Albany town area. Albany is one of the beautiful town at the Southern part of Australia. You can view more photos in my Flickr webpage.

After our breakfast, we drove all the way back to Margaret River so that we can check in at the farmstay by 3pm.
We drove from the Albany highway til Mount Barker, from there we turn towards west and drove all the way back to Margaret river (should be the shortest way). Along the way, we stopped by some vineyards.

We reach the Sunflower farmstay at 3pm. It's a very nice place with lots of animals and great host.

We had a small camp fire activity out in the farm.

Day 7 - We stayed at the farmhouse in the morning. The kids really enjoyed themselves there with the animals.

From the farmhouse, the next stop is at Fremantle. Along the way, we stopped at Candy Cow and had our lunch at Mandurah, a restaurant just beside the bridge, over look the beautiful sea.

Our first stop at Fremantle, the market.

We spend the evening at the bay. Ate the "best" fish and chip at Cicerello. The place is very nice especially in the evening with the beautiful reflection on the water.

From Fremantle, we drove back to Perth.

Day 8 - Perth
We spend the morning at the Perth Zoo.. there is where my kids enjoyed themselves.

In the afternoon, we had our lunch at Sorrento Quay. After that, we headed to the Aquarium of Western Australia, aqwa

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