Friday, July 25, 2008

A nice restaurant at Raleigh - Mecca

We had our dinner here, the Mecca Restaurant.
This place is so "retro" and from one of the newspaper cut-out on the wall, the restaurant business started from 1930 onwards.. and right now, it's the 3rd generations that runs the place.

The ambiance and display in the restaurant is so.. thirties.. :)

Well, definitely we can't such place in Singapore. I like the place and if you are visiting Raleigh, do drop by this restaurant. Foods served here are reasonable priced and good.. highly recommended.

Entrance.. and inside the restaurant

Look at the cashier.. it's really retro, more retro than IBM POS system :)

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dombalis said...

Hey, any way the Mecca could use your wonderful pics for our Facebook page? If so, you can reach me at

Thanks for writing about the Mecca!