Sunday, July 13, 2008

In USA for 2 months..

I'll be in US for 2 months. Is it a very long period? Not really as compare to 3 or 6 or 12 months. Is it short, not really as well.. in the next 2 months, lots of thing can happen.
Well, regardless if it's long or short,
I'll be going .. and today I flew 27 hours from Singapore to New York to Raleigh.
Transit at Frankfurt... 27 hours of flight!!

I survived and still have a bit of time to put my thoughts in this blog.

Well, it should be fun, lots of excitements and a very good opportunity to explore or do some soul searching for the next 2 months.
I'm going to miss my family members..

- my naughty son.. adorable
- my daughter - going thru teenage period. I need to spend more time with her.
- my wife.. I always say this, I'
m who I am today - 99% is because of my wife. As long as we are sharing the joy and sadness together, I'll be very happy. :)

Captured some photos with my iphone while on the plane.. as I'm too lazy to take out my Sony A700 DSLR.
Here are some shots for sharing..

At Frankfurt

At New York, the big apple

Touched down at JFK, New York

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