Saturday, April 4, 2009

ICE - In Car Entertainment System

Well, with my new car, I decided to spend a bit more money to upgrade the ICE system. There will be no DVD video, focus is only on the audio improvement..
I was doing my "sort of research" for the past weeks and asking around on the best configuration for the ICE upgrade.
Surprisingly I can't really find lots of recommendation from the internet.

So, at the end, the best way to get reliable info is to contact my friends. Those that are in ICE hobby for a while.

At the end, I installed this ICE configuration on my car (price range <>
tweeter and front speaker upgrade to avi
Amplifier installed - Audison SRX5 (2nd hand)
Woofer - Rockfords
P2D410 (2nd hand)

Overall , I'm happy.

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