Saturday, October 25, 2008

My new A900

I decided to grow up with SONY DSLR.. so I made the decision to upgrade my A700 to A900. Got the new DSLR on 24th October 2008. Rightfully this should be an easy decision but due to the pricing of the new A900, it took me a while to decide if it's a good time now to upgrade.

Here is my review on A900.. how does it perform as compare to A700.

1. FF - all my lenses are wider now.. (FE lens is fun again) - Got a feeling that I just purchased all those new lenses..

2. Beautiful bokeh.. especially with those beautiful Minolta lenses with great bokeh
3. The grip is better..

4. Camera build - a grown up version of A700

5. AF is better, faster and more accurate

6. Color - jpeg.. a big improvement over A700

7. Micro adjustment - cool to ensure no more FF or BF issues and as well as fine tune lenses (good for those with minolta lenses)

8. Can switch btw APS and FF capture.. great when I need tele..

9. The best is on the photo quality.. zoom to 100% and the details are amazing (Best in DSLR)..

10. Noise.. I like noise at iso 1600 or 6400.. can call me weird guy but i can't take it for no noise photo at these iso.. I like noise on my photos.. like the old film day.

11. 5fps - fine for me.. but again, if it's 8 or 10 for smaller picture file, will be better.

12. Live view.. big deal. The DOF view is good enough.. works as well. No concern for me.

13. Video.. don't need. I'm a photographer.. (if bundle and don't increase price for the cam.. I'm OK)

1. pricing.. If only A900 is selling at S$3.5K range (same as the rest..).. it will be selling like hot cakes..

A point to add..

- KM5d - APS sensor - 6 Mpixel - If today Sony release a new 6 Mpixel APS DSLR with iso 250000 and no noise.. Selling the same price as A700.. will you buy?

- A700 - APS sensor.. with 12 Mpixel. (D80/D90 - noise level.. about the same as A700)

- A900 - FF sensor - 24Mpixel (compare this with A700.. pixel density about the same as A700)

- D700/D3 - FF sensor - 12 Mipsel (pixel density same as KM5D).. For FF, it's like back to KM5D technology

- D800 - FF sensor - 24 Mpixel.. (can they get similar clean noise..) - don't know yet.

Those that upgrade to A900.. you should be able to hold on to this cam for the next 2-3 years.. before there is a new cam that can bring the sensor tech to next level..
(It's like those that hold on the Minolta lenses - as compare to current CZ lenses)

confuse.. don't worry. Not important.. focus more on taking photos.

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